Clean Start by Beth

Policies & Rates for cleaning in Broward County, FLBelow is a list of Policies of my service and Rate Information. As issues arise that are not listed here, please feel free to ask me about them.


Products: I provide the products and supplies necessary to clean your home. I am happy to use products you prefer as long as you provide them if they are not ones I normally carry. I will use equipment you have available for certain tasks, but generally carry all the tools I need to complete the job at hand.

Cleaning Policies– Often, an initial deep cleaning is necessary to get your home really clean and into shape for beginning regular cleanings.  A rate for this service will be determined if we agree it’s necessary for your spaces.  A fixed rate for each cleaning is determined depending upon the home owner’s needs as well as other factors including frequency, supplies needed, pets, family size, tasks mutually agreed upon by myself and the client, level of work required to complete in the time scheduled, etc.

I have been cleaning homes of all types for over two decades. I am very thorough in my work and get to a lot of areas that might not be considered part of a “regular cleaning”. The list below is just a sampling of the work that is completed when I maintain your home.

Living Spaces: Dust knick-knacks, furniture, cobwebs and window sills; light dusting of electronics; moldings and baseboards, switch covers, and lighting as needed; tidy the over-all room appearance*; vacuum floors and carpeting; and spot clean or wash floors, depending upon your preference, and floor surfaces.

Bathrooms: Scour all visible interior and exterior parts of toilets and walls surrounding them; clean sink, counter, cabinet face and mirror; clean shower/tub walls, floor and fixtures; dust shelving, knick-knacks, mirrors and picture frames; and clean flooring-including behind the toilet.

Kitchen: Clean exterior of large appliances; clean inside and outside of microwave; clean under and behind small appliances, counter tops and cabinet faces; clean sink area and flooring. A full interior refrigerator cleaning takes a lot of time. If arranged ahead of time, I will consider tackling this task for you but it may require an extra fee depending upon the level of mess and time required.

Animal Policy: Animal maintenance and clean-up are the responsibility of the pet owner. I am happy to vacuum average dog/cat hair as is part of normal home maintenance. However, animal messes, litter, and “accidents” will need to be cleaned by their owners.

Windows: I will clean finger prints and normal use messes from the inside of windows as I notice it while cleaning. Whole window cleaning is a different business altogether that requires special equipment and products. If you have pull out vinyl windows, reachable without a ladder, we may arrange a separate cleaning date specifically for cleaning the windows, but this large task cannot be done instead of another part of the house during a regular cleaning.

Payment Policy: Payment is due at the time of service. If I arrive to clean and no payment is provided at the time of service , a $10.00 additional fee is applied to the next cleaning.

Cancellation: If you wish to cancel or reschedule a cleaning appointment, I appreciate as much notice as you can give me. It is helpful to have notice a week in advance so I may fill your cleaning time or provide you with an alternate time slot, which I will do my best to provide. If no notice is given, please see the Payment Policy above.

Reliability: Although I am very reliable, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, I may be unable to keep our cleaning appointment. I will make every attempt to offer an alternative time-slot for your cleaning.

Flexibility: I am very flexible regarding cleaning your home. If you have concerns or requests, please do not hesitate to talk with me about them. I try my best to address all concerns to your satisfaction. I will do my best to work with you and come to an agreeable solution.

*I work hard to make your home a clean and healthy place to live. It is not possible to do my best unless I am able to get to the surfaces I am there to clean. Clients often use the day I clean as an opportunity to get organized themselves. Please be sure to pick up toys, garbage, personal items, etc… from living areas you wish to be cleaned so that I am able to do the best job possible while I’m there. My goal is to provide a great service in an efficient amount of time at a fair rate for your convenience. I am unable to do this if I spend a lot of time picking things up. I will do my best to work around the items you normally have out and around your home.

Of course, if it is mutually agreed upon that “picking up” will be part of the service I provide for the fee arranged, that is an exception.


Because each client’s needs are different, an in-home estimate will provide us both with a better idea of what services will cost. Rates are dependent upon size and condition of the home and specific needs and requests of the client.

Contact me today. I look forward to making your home a comfortable, inviting place for you!