Clean Start by Beth


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From Kathryn Tunison

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From The Welches


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From Amanda Cissner

Other Testimonials:

Beth has cleaned my home for over 15 years – it was seldom that I was home during the time of her cleaning. She was trustworthy to a fault. When I would arrive home my door was locked and my house sparkled. I would not hesitate to recommend her. ~Gloria Barrett


Thank you so very much for keeping me organized and clean. It truly is therapy! ~P. Smith-Hansen


I love Wednesdays! Thank you for helping to keep our family organized and clean. ~Helen T.


It’s such a good feeling to have you in our home knowing you’re trustworthy and diligent. ~ J. Seamon


Beth began working for me in August 2011, taking care of our home of sometimes 2 and sometimes 4 people, and 2 cats as well. I feel very, very lucky to have her help!! She is reliable and punctual, has high standards of cleanliness and is also careful of all household surfaces and belongings, is very efficient and thorough, is honest and straightforward — I trust her absolutely — and is practical as well. She is spritely and fast in her work. I’ve had lovely conversations with her and enjoy her good nature, her intelligence and sense of humor, and, when I have asked, her tips on home repairs and improvement. She also cleaned my office for me from time to time and did a great job there as well. ~Glenna Dunaway


A neat, clean, sparkling house is Beth McGee’s trademark. Her fine skills are evident in every room: the kitchen floor shines bright, bathrooms sparkle, tables and furniture are dust free, dog hair has vanished from the back room, and the kitchen windows are streak free. It’s been my delight to benefit from Beth’s expertise, her cheerful nature, her dependability, and her friendship. ~Scott Sutcliffe


I have been using Beth’s house cleaning service for over five years on a bi-weekly schedule and have always been extremely happy. Beth is always on time and very consistent in the quality of her work. She is very efficient at organizing her tasks and time while being thorough and doing a great job. She is friendly, honest, dependable, and very professional. I would recommend her services to anyone who has high standards and loves a sparkling clean house! ~Isabelle Mertha